Geek Speak Magazine reviews Glitter Rose

Geek Speak Magazine reviews Glitter Rose

Here’s an excerpt from the Geek Speak review:

In an afterward, de Pierres says she was shooting for a sense of “languorous decay,” which took me aback because those were exactly the words that occurred to me as I read the Glitter Rose stories. All that languor creates an interesting tension with the stew of spirituality and emotion roiling away underneath. Tonally (although not so much thematically) related is the final story in this collection, “In the Bookshadow,” in which the nameless narrator discovers the surprising truth about her(?)self and de Pierres reveals herself to have a delightfully devilish sense of humor that I appreciated very much indeed.

The stories in Glitter Rose will challenge you, and you may find some of the remarkable and vivid imagery creeping into your subconscious. I definitely recommend this worthwhile collection. Just be aware that these may look simple, but they’re not casual reading. You’ll need to bring something to the table, too.


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