Bayside Bulletin reviews Glitter Rose

Bayside Bulletin reviews Glitter Rose

‘Glitter Rose is named after the glitter rose dusks that occur at certain tides, when the spores produce a strange phosphorescence across the island beaches.

“I lived for two-and-a-half years on Stradbroke Island and the stories were inspired by the incredible spirituality and sense of place I experienced there,” Marianne said.

“Being a speculative fiction writer, I translated that into exotic fantasy stories.

“One story in particular, The Butterfly Game, was written as a direct result of having walked through a swirling cloud of butterflies at Point Lookout one day.

“The final story, Mama Ailon, was set at Myora Springs, and Glimmer-by-Dark centred along Main Beach and Black Swamp.”

Glitter Rose is a short but captivating book that effortlessly carries readers along like the best poetry on a strange lyrical journey.’ John Clarke, Bayside Bulletin

Read the full article here.


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