Book Smugglers reviews GR

Book Smugglers reviews GR

“… I loved this quartet: the stories are quietly intriguing, evoking a sense of dread, being creepy and sinister without being exactly horrific (although there is a bit of that as well) and they would be enough to recommend this collection but there is still the cherry on top: the last, unrelated story In the Bookshadow in which a nameless narrator works at a book shop selling fantasy novels to different types of people and it stock filled with ironic observations about then genre and those who read it …”


“I cannot possibly finish this review though without having mentioned the physical aspect of this book. I am a keen supporter of ebooks and I am about to get my first ereader however there is something to be said about books that come in such a wonderful package such as this which beautifully envelops what is great content ( I mention great content because without this a great cover would mean nothing to me, of course). The book is small and slim, it almost fits in one hand and it has the beautifully evocative cover (and a few illustrations inside as well) and reading this was a twofold pleasure, one that I hardly have these days.”

Rating: 8 – Excellent

Read the entire review here.


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