Kate Elliot reviews Glitter Rose

Kate Elliot reviews Glitter Rose

“I have been wanting to tell you all about Marianne de Pierres’ short collection GLITTER ROSE for over two months now, ever since I returned from my short trip to Australia and AussieCon4. While there, I met a number of fabulously wonderful Australian writers, and I also discovered that books in Australia are really expensive. Shockingly so, compared to our prices and even UK prices.

BUT. There is also a small press scene with intriguing authors and material that is not seen in the USA (or presumably the UK either).

With commercial houses, de Pierres has written the Parris Plessis series (NYLON ANGEL is the first), and the Sentients of Orion series, and has a YA novel, BURN BRIGHT, coming in March 2011.

GLITTER ROSE is a quartet of four spec-fic stories whose setting–an offshore island community–is as much a part of the psychology and emotion of the tales as the characters are. The collection has lovely writing, first of all, and a nuanced and mature sense of characterization, by which I mean that people have mixed and ambivalent motives and aren’t all one thing or another, and the journey the narrator makes through the four stories is complex and felt, to me, true to the human condition. It also has a strong sense of place, and I am picky about sense of place. It is clear to me that the author knows and understands her landscape and how landscape flows through and changes people.

I rarely read short stories (they’re not my thing). These stories made a strong impression on me; I can still call up actions and impressions from the stories in my mind’s eye. Definitely worth reading and highly recommended.

In addition, Twelfth Planet Press has produced a simply excellent book as a physical object. It’s nice to hold and nice to look at and nice to read as pure physical considerations. This is something small presses can do very well indeed, and TPP has done it.” Read the rest of the blog post here.


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