The Booky Monster reviews Glitter Rose

The Booky Monster reviews Glitter Rose

Straight from The Booky Monster

‘Marianne has long been one of my favourite’s and although I approached Glitter Rose with very high expectations, I’m pleased to say that in no way does it disappoint.  Glitter Rose is set against the backdrop of an off-shore island community plagued by spores that change the Island’s inhabitants – some outwardly, others on the inside. The characters are complex and the scenes visually stunning. Truly spec-fic at it’s best!

‘If you’re not a fan of short stories – and honestly I never usually read them – Glitter Rose can also be approached as a small novel. The quartet flows together adding a new dimension with each part, almost with a chapter feel.

‘Twelfth Planet Press has done a marvelous job with the presentation and the artwork in between each story, just holding it makes you feel that you have something special, and truly you do.  Trent Jamieson summed it up for me in his introduction, “Marianne de Pierres doesn’t write short stories often, but when she does, they’re special.”‘


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