Twelfth Planet Press Wins World Fantasy Award

Twelfth Planet Press Wins World Fantasy Award

We can’t be more proud of our publisher at Twelfth Planet Press for taking out Best Non-Professional category at the World Fantasy Awards. It’s a tribute to Alisa’s hard work and strength of conviction about what she is doing, and to her tireless helpers including Terri Sellen, Amanda and Tehani Wessely amongst many others.

As you know Glitter Rose is published by TPP and some international readers are getting the chance to dip into it as it found its way into WFC con bags last weekend.

Well done Alisa. You might want to read about my experience working with TPP in this article and my thought on publishing with small press.

Congrats Alisa, we couldn’t be more proud of what you’ve achieved!

Twelfth Planet Press Revamp

Twelfth Planet Press Revamp

Twelfth Planet Press have revamped their website and you can now follow their publisher blog here. On top of that they’ve announced that they will now be publishing novels and have an open submission policy 2012:

How to Submit:

The manuscript submissions period will commence January 1, 2012 and end January 31, 2012.

Email the first 3 chapters of your finished manuscript and a brief (1-2 page) synopsis to in rtf file format. Title your subject heading with the genre/subgenre for our email management. You will receive an automated email receipt of your submission.

Your synopsis should include a summary of all the characters and plot (including the ending) and a brief discussion of your intended audience, your likely sales market, what other books are like yours and why your book is better or why your book is needed.
Include your full contact details, including email address, manuscript title, word count and a brief biography. Full manuscripts will be requested from those submissions which make it to the second round.All submissions will be considered by our team of readers. Manuscripts will be read in the order of their receipt. The team will pass up manuscripts for the second round and submission of full manuscripts will be on request at that time. Depending on volume, we are intending to respond to all submissions by June 30, 2012. There will be subsequent submissions periods after January 2012. Checklist:Submissions period:  January 1, 2012 – January 31, 2012.
Email address:
First 3 chapters and a 1-2 page synopsis of your book with marketing and sales outline in rtf file.
Include your full contact details, word count and brief biography.
Glitter Rose news for WFC

Glitter Rose news for WFC

I’m very excited to announce, along with Twelfth Planet Press, that copies of Glitter Rose will be in the World Fantasy Con bags. What a brilliant way to introduce overseas readers to the collection and a lovely calling card for Twelth Planet Press! Now, if only I could get there! Alisa will be though – so make sure you say hello!

WFC will be held in San Diego from the 27th – 30th October.

Twelfth Planet Press earns World Fantasy Award Nomination

Twelfth Planet Press earns World Fantasy Award Nomination

I’m very thrilled to say that my publisher for Glitter Rose, Twelfth Planet Press, has earned a World Fantasy Award nomination in the category of Special Award, Non Professional. This is an outstanding achievement for an Australian publisher, especially for Alisa Krasnostein who essentially runs TPP as a second job. I’m delighted at this acknowledgement of the quality of her work. Not only has she showcased great Australian talent but her Twelve Planets series will become very important to the world of literature, as it continues to give female SF writers a voice.

Congrats Alisa – I’m very proud to be associated with you!

Twelfth Planet Press
Kate Elliot reviews Glitter Rose

Kate Elliot reviews Glitter Rose

“I have been wanting to tell you all about Marianne de Pierres’ short collection GLITTER ROSE for over two months now, ever since I returned from my short trip to Australia and AussieCon4. While there, I met a number of fabulously wonderful Australian writers, and I also discovered that books in Australia are really expensive. Shockingly so, compared to our prices and even UK prices.

BUT. There is also a small press scene with intriguing authors and material that is not seen in the USA (or presumably the UK either).

With commercial houses, de Pierres has written the Parris Plessis series (NYLON ANGEL is the first), and the Sentients of Orion series, and has a YA novel, BURN BRIGHT, coming in March 2011.

GLITTER ROSE is a quartet of four spec-fic stories whose setting–an offshore island community–is as much a part of the psychology and emotion of the tales as the characters are. The collection has lovely writing, first of all, and a nuanced and mature sense of characterization, by which I mean that people have mixed and ambivalent motives and aren’t all one thing or another, and the journey the narrator makes through the four stories is complex and felt, to me, true to the human condition. It also has a strong sense of place, and I am picky about sense of place. It is clear to me that the author knows and understands her landscape and how landscape flows through and changes people.

I rarely read short stories (they’re not my thing). These stories made a strong impression on me; I can still call up actions and impressions from the stories in my mind’s eye. Definitely worth reading and highly recommended.

In addition, Twelfth Planet Press has produced a simply excellent book as a physical object. It’s nice to hold and nice to look at and nice to read as pure physical considerations. This is something small presses can do very well indeed, and TPP has done it.” Read the rest of the blog post here.